Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Clincher Wheelset

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Tubeless ready carbon wheelset for performance riding. Campagnolo Bora WTO wheelset features 60mm deep rim profile which was optimised using wind tunnel testing. The testing helped Campagnolo create their most aerodynamic wheelset to date.

The front and rear wheels features a completely new redesigned aluminium hub, which is thinner in the middle before widening towards the flanges, where they meet the diamond shaped spokes. Knowing that wider tyres are aerodynamically faster, Campagnolo has designed the wheels with 25 and 28mm tyres and the new WTO wheels are only available for clincher or tubeless tyres.

  • Hub bearings: Bora WTO 60 USB ceramic bearings
  • Wheelset weight: 1550g
  • Internal width: 19mm
  • Rim depth: 60mm
  • Available with grey label or dark label
  • Campagnolo AC3 braking surface that helps with efficient braking in the wet
  • Rim Dynamic Balance: counterweight fitted to balance out the mass of the tube valve