Hutchinson Touareg Gravel Tyre

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Whether it is about racing, challenging our own limits on ultra long distances or enjoying a wonderful adventure; Whether it is about road or rough terrains; We wanted to develop a tyre with maximum VERSATILITY.

Merging the best of our road and mountain bike expertise and experience, we have created the Touareg: a tyre developed to meet optimal efficiency wherever in the world you are. Providing the best combination of performance, grip and durability.

Numerous knobs provide multiple contact points with the ground to provide consistent performance. The intermediate smaller knobs are distributed further apart than those on the central part, helping to contribute to better grip and confidence when cornering.

The tread with its chevron shape comes from Hutchinson's XC background and shares DNA with the Skeleton and Kraken tyres. The knobs are more compact on the Touareg though, optimising performance even on very rough terrain.

The worldwide versatility of the Touareg is in part thanks to the continued development in the architecture of its knobs. The smaller and more compact small-blocks contribute to comfort and performance, on both rough terrain and smooth tarmac. In contrast, the large amount of knobs and their greater spacing, mean the Touareg has grip on various types of wet hardpack terrain (road, roots, stones) and dry conditions (gravel, sand, dust).

The side knobs of the Touareg are similar to that of the Skeleton's design. They are linked in pairs to save weight. Their buttresses run down the wall to strengthen the structure during distortion and reinforce the grip. The Touareg is a reassuring and versatile tyre thanks to the thickness and design of its knobs and thanks to its Hardskin bead to bead reinforcement. Thanks to its road and mountain bike expertise, Hutchinson developed a tyre meant to meet worldwide versatility: ensuring maximum comfort and safety on rough terrains as well as performance, either on or off-road.

Hutchinson wants gravel riders to feel confident when it comes to their tyres, so that they can focus only on their own pleasure and performance.


  • Tubeless Ready (TR), fits tubeless rims with no inner tube and also standard rims with inner tube
  • Hardskin (HS), textile grid reinforcement
  • 650x47
  • Compatibility Tubeless Ready
  • ETRTO Size 48-584
  • Wheel Size 650B
  • Width 47mm
  • 700x40
  • Compatibility Tubeless Ready
  • ETRTO Size 40-622
  • Wheel Size 700C
  • Width 40mm