PEdAL ED Thermo Overshoe

Not Enough Available

If cold never stops you from riding your bike, Pedal Ed's Thermo Overshoes use a waterproof, yet breathable fabric against rain and snow so that won't happen. The design provide a good fit for any bike shoe without a problem. Its cut-outs will fit all current pedal/cleat systems. While it offers adequate clearance in the sole we reinforced the base to prevent damages. The reflective rear zippers let you pull the cover easily over your shoes, and the wind- and water-resistant construction helps keep water out of your shoes. The toe is reinforced to prevent damages.

Warm inside fabric helps you get drier faster - Strategic reinforcement offers protection where you need it most - Sole material helps you maintain grip, even in wet conditions - Windproof panels provide comfort in wet or windy conditions - Reflective elements stand out in darkness.

  • Windproof panels
  • Warm fabric
  • Grip sole material
  • Reflective details