Brooks Saddles

John Boultbee Brooks began the Brooks saddle brand 150 years ago. He found saddles uncomfortable and designed his own leather perch with copper rivets. For over a century cyclists of all shapes, sizes and abilities have favoured his unique Brooks saddles. 

Handmade in Smithwick, Birmingham, Brooks saddles and accessories have been available at Condor and fitted to Condor bicycles since 1948.
The B17 ranges are designed for touring and long rides, whilst the Swift and Swallow saddles are narrower and suited to performance riding. 
In 2014 Brooks England released a new concept in saddles, The Cambium range. Cambium saddles are constructed from vulcanised rubber with organic cotton cotton. The shapes of the C17 and C15 are based on the popular Brooks B17 touring saddle and their racing Swift saddle, respectively. 

Brooks Cambium C13 Saddle
Brooks Cambium C13 Saddle
From £149.99 £171.99
Black with copper rivets