Brooks Carved Cambium C13 Saddle

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Brooks Carved Cambium C13 is made of a vulcanised rubber and organic cotton saddle with carbon frame and saddle hole to reduce pressure experienced by some cyclists, this is the carbon version of the popular Cambium C17, C15 & C13 the Carved model is most suitable for long distance racing or endurance cycling. Weight reduction is accomplished through a continuous carbon saddle rail that eliminates performance-resistant contact points. Finished with aluminium rivets in all black, this saddle offers flexible performance for immediate comfort and all-day weather protection

The Cabium C13 now comes in three widths: 132mm - 145mm - 158mm.

  • Tested in the Arenberg Forest by David Millar
  • Comfort at its lightest
  • Weight: 295 g
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Ride Style: Road & MTB
  • Made in Italy