Brompton CHPT3 V3 S6E-X Special Edition Folding Bike

Not Enough Available

The bike has been designed with a stripped back look; no mudguards or front luggage. Attention to detail with a unique range of components; premium grips, saddle, hinge clamps and rear frame clip. Never forgetting to keep everything lightweight; black titanium rear frame and forks, Schwalbe One tanwall tyres.

A performance Brompton for the city, featuring the low profile S Type handlebars, the 'ride anywhere'6 speed gearing, Black Edition finishing kit along with a number of premium upgrades and components unique to the Brompton X CHPT3 bike.

  • CHPT3 Lunar Grey main frame
  • CHPT3 Fire Red front frame
  • Textured black superlight extremities
  • Girona CHPT3 decals
  • 6-speed
  • Standard gearing
  • Brompton saddle featuring Ti rails, CHPT3 print, with Fire Red under nose hand-hold
  • Ergon GE1 Evo Slim grips in custom Fire Red
  • CHPT3 firm red suspension block
  • Schwalbe One tanwall tyres 35-349
  • Reflectors only
  • Bike is supplied with a CHPT3 Sling Bag