Assos T.Tiburu-S7 Thermal Bib Shorts

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Belgian legend Freddy Maertens, asked ASSOS to create a heavier bibshort that could be used for tough autumn riding in Belgium. ASSOS did. It is really a niche product for racers or riders who ride a lot all year round and need fine-tuned bibshorts.By combining your T.TiburuShorts with legwarmers you create tights, increasing the temperature action range of the shorts. This is the combination that ASSOS professional clients prefer when they get into early Winter riding because it lets them perfectly calibrate the overall length to their anatomy, ensuring a perfect contouring fit just like regular ASSOS bibshorts but with full-length leg protection. The Tiburu-S7 Thermal Bib Shorts are based on the S7 platform, but further refined to suit riding in cooler temperatures.

  • Season: fall, winter, spring
  • Fit: race cut
  • Chamois Thickness: 8 mm
  • Recommended Use: cold-weather cycling
  • Pair with leg warmers for very cold days