Assos SS.skinFoil Summer S7 Base Layer

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The new skinfoils represent the genetic evolution of the outgoing line of ASSOS skinfoil baselayers. Based on our seamless tubular knitting technology, ASSOS skinfoil_s7 baselayers represent the inner core of the als, the Assos layering system. They are your next-to-skin first-layer product. without a properly fitting skinfoil, the rest of your outfit cannot perform to its full potential. When wearing ASSOS, always wear an original ASSOS baselayer with it - it's the only way to maximize the ASSOS total comfort experience.

  • Increased breathability, faster push-pull effect, and new v-cut neck to increase air flow
  • 97% polypropylene, perfect elasticity and comfort, plus less volume to let body dry faster, protecting against cold and humidity
  • New neck construction (softer, and more comfortable without zip) and double-color system between sleeves and body
  • New, improved soft compression pattern design