Assos Knee Warmer

Not Enough Available

Tuned to meet the demands of BMC Racing Team, these race-tuned knee warmers are the ultimate go-to product for insulation, not bulk.

One of the least complicated yet most flexible pieces in the ASSOS wardrobe, the reworked kneeWarmer_evo7 is a must-have cycling warmer for spring/fall and summer, if not in your wardrobe, then certainly in your back pocket.

Based on feedback from BMC Racing Team’s top riders, these ASSOS knee warmers are now 7 cm longer than our previous model to give added protection and comfort. Fulfilling requisite ASSOS standards, these cycling essentials deploy the same performance-led textiles as found in our winter riding jackets to create these indispensible items.

  • RX light: Elastic and extremely breathable fabric.
  • Anatomically cut
  • Labeled to fit your left and right legs while in the riding position
  • Treated to our Durable Water Repellency treatment