Condor Raw Mudflap Set - Front and Rear

Not Enough Available

A simple and highly effective addition to all mudguard sets. Mudflaps can make a huge difference to your winter group cycle rides. Most mudguards finish half way down the back wheel, which means you stay dry but spray still hits the rider behind. With a design tested over many winters, RAW mudflaps are made from a flexible plastic that bends without snapping but is durable and rigid enough to keep the spray off riders behind. The mudflaps feature reflective strips for increased visibility in the dark and are ideal replacement flaps for damaged guards.

  • Pair of front and rear flaps
  • Front - wider to be effective; greatly reducing the amount of spray and mud covering the bottom bracket area and chain
  • A narrow rear mudflap - the splash is not important at the back - it is about the arc of spray coming up from the centre of the tyre
  • Reflective Logos
  • Bolts and fixing tape included