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Simpson Magazine - Issue 12

In issue 12: The Classic Edition, we take an international perspective, interviewing Nairo Quintana and Alejandro Valverde at Movistar Team’s annual gathering in Pamplona, catching up with Nicolas Roche (BMC Racing) in Monaco, and checking in with contributor Augustus Farmer at the Service Course in Girona for the build of his Moots Vamoots RSL dream bike.

Simpson, however, is as British as the name suggests, and we join Andy Storey on his commute to Prendas Ciclismo in Dorset, explore the renaissance of Balham CC, ride to Condor Cycles’ famous premises on Grays Inn Road, London to test the virtues of a semi-compact drivetrain, and publish Julian Hutchings’ moving tribute to the late Ian Bashford, his club mate at South London’s Old Portlians.

Elsewhere, we ask if cycling has become gentrified, place the Simpson stamp of approval on products from Buff, Castelli, KitBrix, Oakley and SIDI in Kit You Can’t Do Without, and offer another mouthwatering and nutritious recipe from chef James Mcmillan. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, we have a feature on Lucho Dillitos, the natural snack that has fuelled Colombian cyclists for generations.

  • Kit you can’t do without: Buff, Castelli, KitBrix, Oakley, SIDI and Sportful
  • Why I love this bike: Augustus Farmer’s Moots Vamoots RSL
  • Nicolas Roche: exclusive interview
  • Luchos Dillitos: the natural snack that has fuelled
  • Colombian cyclists for generations
  • Twelve months of commuting: Andy Storey on seasons, stubbornessand the joy of riding to work
  • A certain ratio: the rise of the semi-compact drivetrain withCampagnolo and Condor Cycles
  • A tale of of two leaders: inside Movistar Team’s Pamplona gathering with Quintana and Valverde
  • The Balham Renaissance: how a forgotten photograph inspired the revival of an historic club
  • One man and his tools: Julian Hutchings’ moving tribute to Old Portlians clubmate Ian Bashford
  • Food for thought: James Mcmillan’s land and sea recipe
  • The gentrification of cycling vs. You’ve never had it so good: luxury items or affordable tech?