Itrakit launch a GPS tracker for your bike

British tech start-up, Itrakit, have created a device designed to keep a check on the location of your bike

itrakit device and app

Did you know that only 1.5% of reported bike theft leads to conviction, because of poor recovery rate and tracing? Not anymore, thanks to Itrakit, who've made it their mission to increase the chances of recovery with a new bike-specific GPS-enabled device, enlisting the support of the Met Police and Condor in its development.

Device slides into frame itrakit during development

Affordable solution

The 100g tracker fits inside the bicycle frame and can only be removed using a special tool. Unlike other trackers available, the device provides a super-long, one-year battery life and a year's worth of internet connection is included in the price, with a low-cost monthly subscription from the second year.

Simple set up & theft alerts

Once the app is launched, create a bike profile, adding a picture of your bike, the frame number, and details such as make and model, then pair it to the GPS and activate the tracker if you leave your bike unattended. If the device senses motion, you'll immediately get an alert sent to you phone. Then the GPS kicks in and you'll be able to track your bike via the wonder of Google Maps. This includes most urban areas of the UK and North American cities.
Simple to set up app

Year's of testing

Itrakit showed us their prototypes and technology several years ago and let us put the tracker through its paces inside a Condor Fratello frameset. We found the fit to be snug (so no rattling about), and even when the seat post is pulled out we couldn't get to the device.
The thin, marker pen-shaped tracker doesn't require expert installation, but we've liked the device so much that we are a fitting and installation partner.

Ultra-long battery life

Most tracker devices either have a limited range, need to use Bluetooth and stay within 200ft of the user, or they will need charging every week — or a combination of these. Itrakit have developed a solution that means you can virtually forget the device is in your frame until the unit alerts you to low battery power after 12 months of use.

itrakit is feature filled

Earlybird discount

The Itrakit team are about the launch the new device through crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. The creators are offering 40% off to those who sign up before launch. If you'd like to learn more — and grab a VIP launch spot — take a look at the sign up page.

Learn More and sign up

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