Apidura Pack Amnesty at Condor

Free repairs for all Packs from 13th June to 5th July 2019

Apidura Pack Amnesty has begun

As devoted cyclists, Apidura design with their fellow riders in mind, and don’t compromise for cost, fashion or gimmicks. Each Pack is built to be used and to last, and is a trustworthy companion for any adventure, big or small. Their Packs have travelled the world, supported riders through ultra-distance races, cross-country tours and rides to the local shops alike.

How it works

1. Drop off your Pack in the store, anytime between 13th June and 5th July.
2. Apidura pick up your Pack and repair it, ready for more miles on the road.
3. We email you when the free repair is completed to let you know your Pack is ready for collection.

Despite being built to last, some Packs with particularly long and tough lives can show the scars. The bikepacking ethos for self-sufficiency makes repair the natural port of call and many bikepackers have already customised and fixed their kit in novel ways.

Apidura appreciates that not everyone feels confident making repairs themselves, so is offering Free Pack Repairs at Condor over the coming weeks. Rips will be patched, torn seams glued and broken zippers replaced. Apidura’s workshop team will take your damaged packs and return them to service for years to come - so all you need to worry about is planning the next adventure, not fabric glue, gear tape and sewing kits.

Apidura repair workshop

Need to make your own repairs mid-trip? Follow Apidura's Repair guide for fixing zippers, worn threads and holes. Read the repair guide.

Apirdua Packs


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