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Performance steel range

Condor steel frames

"Condor is as synonymous with steel bike frames as Audi is to Vorsprung durch Technik"
—Stuart Bowers, Deputy Editor, Cyclist Magazine

Utilising our knowledge in all frame materials, each model in the performance steel range is focused on delivering a lightweight and responsive frameset that will take you further faster and allow you to push the limits of your fitness. The Acciaio is a long standing model that has existed as our performance steel frame since 2002. It has spawned three unique framesets that have built upon the success, technology and praise of the original Acciaio.

The models in the Condor performance steel range are:

  • Acciaio
  • Super Acciaio
  • Acciaio Stainless

All steel frames are built in our our factory in northern Italy and painted just down the road before being flown to London, where frames are built up by our mechanics into bicycles. Performance steel has an equal footing alongside materials like carbon and aluminium, as long as the design and application is right. We work with all types of material and various grades in each, which highlights the positives about each material and the characteristics that each can deliver to a ride.

Condor factory in Italy

The performance steel range excels over long stretches of broken tarmac, fast winding descents and your local training ground. The models have clearly defined tasks:

  • Built for long sojourns in the saddle and grand col mountain climbing, the Acciaio has a longer wheelbase and slightly taller headtube to reduce rider fatigue on gruelling big ride days.
  • The Super Acciaio uses a similar steel grade to the Acciaio but incorporates technology from our carbon race range. The bicycle is designed to be ridden out of the the saddle, in the saddle, round tight twisting race courses and down finishing straights. It is stiff when you accelerate but won't fire shocks up your arms over changing terrain. The Super Acciaio was developed with the Rapha Condor team and incorporates a tapered headtube and oversized bottom bracket.
  • Acciaio Stainless uses the highest grade of steel with a superb finish for an aesthetically pleasing, smaller tube profile, that offers greater strength than titanium and weight similar to a high-quality aluminium frame. It is available with either race geometry or long distance/sportive geometry.

Condor Acciaio raw frame

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