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Acciaio Stainless

Condor Acciaio Stainless

You've poured untold hours, miles and sweat into your passion and now Condor delivers a bicycle frame in a material that will lift your experience of cycling to new heights; which makes you want to go out and ride again and again. We're dedicated to bicycles built with passion, innovation and purpose. Are you?

The Material

Acciaio Stainless is a new model in the 2013 Condor range and it uses the highest grade of steel available.The Acciaio Stainless is Condor’s most expensive frameset to date; the raw material is notoriously difficult to work with, complicating and extending manufacturing times, but the end result is a stunning ride which melds top-tier performance with the ability to be ridden all day, into one, single, pure-bred bicycle.

“Welds are flawless, that can only be achieved through tireless work of human hands with great time and care, and of course a little passion for the product.” —Stu Bowers, Cyclist Magazine

  • Corrosion resistance properties of steel make it a bike for life
  • Built from Columbus XCr stainless tubing
  • Stainless steel offers extremely high resistance to fatigue, ensuring the characteristics of the bike do not change or diminish over time, no matter how much it is exposed to the environment or how hard it is ridden
  • The skill of the craftsman allows the welds on the frame to be executed to such a standard that the joins are almost invisible
  • The strength to weight ratio of stainless steel means that tubing is twice the strength of titanium, and therefore the tubes can be made thinner, resulting in a frame weight comparable to high-end aluminium

Condor Acciaio Stainless

The Ride

Stainless steel has unique ride properties with some similarities to carbon, creating a lively ride that reacts instantly to any pedalling input or changes in direction, at the same time harnessing the age old fundamentals of a steel bike, which feels the road but doesn't feedback harsh bumps into a weary riders' arms.
"It's an endearing ride, but tough to describe, except to say its subtle differences from a carbon bike are apparent. It's got a spring in its step that's hard not to enjoy." —Cyclist Magazine January, 2013

The Design

There are no tapered head tubes, integrated headsets or oversized bottom brackets. The shape is purposefully traditional, using narrow tubes from Columbus - a classic material built by craftsmen. The superior strength of stainless steel negates the need to oversize the tubes to increase strength.

  • Scalloped pinch bolt used for integrated seat clamp arrangement
  • Columbus Minimal carbon fork
  • Etched Condor detailing across bottom bracket
  • Condor 'bird' logo detail picked out along the vertical drop out
  • External headset

Condor Acciaio Stainless

Custom & The Colour

The Acciaio Stainless is built to order. The small batch production technique we apply ensures that utmost precision is applied during the build. This also means you can decide on your geometry: choose an aggressive position akin to the Leggero and Super Acciaio, or more of a climbing position used on the Baracchi and Acciaio. Riders will be invited to have a bicycle fit and can select a stock geometry from our standard steel range.

The final task is to select a finishing colour. Our colour palette has 50 hues to choose from. We show it in midnight blue, but all the colours are available to view in the store.

Each bicycle frame is built by our craftsmen in Italy and may take up to 16 weeks to complete before being sent to London for inspection and building.
The Acciaio Stainless is available as a complete bicycle build or as a frameset only.

Condor Acciaio Stainless

Condor Acciaio Stainless

Condor Acciaio Stainless

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