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What did you do in the snow? Snow Cross

What did you do in the snow

We recieved an email from C Pearch yesterday - with the snow making it dangerous to ride a road bike around town, Pearchy had the best bike for the job. Condor Terra-X Cyclo-cross bike.

"A huge smile crossed my face this morning as I opened the curtains, horrible weather and snow. Winter tights, the ubiquitous softshell of course but today I'd get to wear my new Belgian merino wool hat, yesss!. It's a day for the fab Condor team edition Terra-X cross bike too, out of the garage the black beauty came, a shot of GT85 and its chain sang back to me, c'mon baby lets dance, have some fun whilst the rest of the world shuffles along and puts their fate in our third world public sector. "Helmet" she screamed as I opened the door - what on top of my virgin Belgian hat, are you kidding me! I slid the jack plug into the ipod, a day for Fleetwood Mac, and as I slipped into my left egg beater, "Hold Me" flowed into my ears, a brake test, a quick slide and the smile took hold, I was off, bring it on…. Chapeau Rapha, thanks Condor"

We then found a video about playing in the snow from London cyclo cross blogger Andy Waterman. It spurred us on to get out while it lasts.

To be safe we followed Matt Seaton's top tips for riding in bad weather.

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