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Geoff Waugh: ThePixel Merch©nt

 ThePixel Merch©nt

ThePixelMerch©nt is the alter ego of Geoff Waugh, who started painting light onto emulsion back in the late 80s.

Geoff's shots have cropped up in Rouleur and Privateer, but before these magazines he was at the front of the emerging mountain bike scene. Mr Waugh, or Warhead as he is known on Twitter, has been shooting for the last twenty years. He has captured images for The Sunday Times, Mountain Bike Rider, Cycling Weekly, Loaded, and FHM magazine, and he is a five times award winner in the highly prestigious Sports Photographer of the Year competition.

Geoff answered our questions while at the Leopard-Trek launch and training camp last week.

Short and Sweets

Lemon curd // Marmite & cheese // Cheese & onion on white

Junk food
Wine Gums // Soft eating liqourice

Excuses to ride
I ride in between bouts of work // It releases my pent up frustrations // That's not an excuse - that's a necessity!

Places to visit
Tokyo // Sydney // Aldeburgh

Charge Juicer // Yeti ARC-X // Cove Hummer

ThePixel Merch©nt

Spend £5 on
A box of caps for my Lone Star die cast metal spud gun.

Animal House // Quadrophenia // Scrooge (Albert Finney) // Up the Junction // T2 Judgement Day // Taxi Driver // Jour du Fete - amongst others

Most of Bowie's catalogue // Dancing in Outer Space by Atmosfear // Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammed // Another Girl, Another Planet // The Only Ones - this interview could never be long enough to handle my musical tastes!

Thing people don't know
Played drums for signed band that was aired every day for a week on Radio One // Have eight toes thanks to teenage accident // Got caught by my mum shoplifting a balloon from WHSmith.

ThePixel Merch©nt

Longer Ones

Why did you start photographing people on bikes?
I was a photographer/journalist first but the day I bought a nice wool jersey from the Italian shop that used to be in Great Pultney St and a bloke in my hometown shouted "oooh look at Eddie Merckx" I was caught up in cycling. Taking pictures of them was a natural progression. And I wish I still had that jersey.

What is you favourite image and why?
I have a picture by Norman Parkinson of ladies modelling hats taken over a great American city skyline. I like it for its amazing composition and grace and its use of colour. That is one. I cannot single out one in particular. I love pictures that make me stare at them for ages. I like Constable's paintings because they remind me of home.

Do you have any injuries from photographing things?
Dislocated shoulder shooting mountain biking. That hurt, various knee and elbow scars from coming off a bike with a camera pack on my back, but most of my injuries are from having a greater levels of imagination than skill, whether on a bike or off.

What project are you looking forward to most?
I'm shooting the Schlecks and Fabio next week. That's pretty cool. I have a nice mountain bike picture story in the pipeline that involves a new twist. Something to get my teeth into.


Have a look at and his blog.

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