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Ben's ultimate cyclist hamper

Cycling hamper

Q: What do you do with an old Fortnum and Mason Christmas hamper?
A: Turn it into an treasure chest of cycling knick knacks to keep in your car.

Our designer, Ben, has been building his collection for sometime. Taking his hamper to most cyclo cross races, domestic and international (well, he went to watch a CX world cup and raced in the World Masters in Mol).

We think he was probably the highest ranked Cub Scout as he is certainly living by the motto "be prepared".

His booty includes:
Chamois cream, Sportique recovery cream, Elite Ozone warm up oil, mini Allen key set, European plug adapter, zip ties (various sizes), Elite Ozone Energy oil, Boots sun tan lotion, spare pair of Oakley glasses, dark set of Oakley lenses, scissors, a tub of foreign super hot embrocation for the snowy days, anti-septic spray, plasters, a hot relief patch, Deep Heat spray, pen knife, energy gels, Nivea face wipes, baby wipes, bandages, aspirin, inhaler for asthma, paracetamol, Purple grease, Finish Line Wet lube, safety pins in a small tin, sewing kit, adhesive tape, bandages, cooling gel, water resistant plasters, Rock Tape physio tape.

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