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Cuming Takes U23 National Title

Mike Cuming
Image credit: and Camille McMillan

Only weeks after breaking his elbow at the Lincoln GP, Rapha Condor Sharp rider Mike Cuming took a memorable victory for his team in the Under-23 category at the British Road Race Championships.

Resplendent in his new jersey, Cuming explained after the finish: "Going into the final lap there was only one other U23 rider in the group, Sam Harrison (100% Me) and we managed to drop him on the climb when Rich accelerated. Then though, two other U23's somehow got across and coming in to the finish Rich and I knew that we had to just keep attacking. Rich went with two kilometres to go and I jumped onto the wheel of Matt Holmes who I knew was the greatest threat, and as they caught Rich with 250 to go I just launched as hard as I could."

Along with taking the U23 title, Herety was also pleased to see that his riders, some of whom were riding the Elite title for the first time, performed so well against the best riders in the country: "Let's not forget that it was also the Elite title, and we had three young guys up with the best professionals in the country. It was a really tough circuit, and with Sky and Endura racing the way they did the best guys rose to the top. When they did we had three of our young guys, including Luke Mellor- who was only tailed off on the last lap, right there until the end. It is a big satisfaction for us." is a look at the challenges facing young riders entering the sport, provided by our team partner, Sharp.

See a full photo story via, provided by team partner, Sharp.

Get the full story on the Rapha Condor Sharp team website.

Mike Cuming rides a team edition Condor Leggero.

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