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Tour of Korea - Mike Cuming moves into yellow

Mike Cuming

In the early hours of Friday morning many of us at Condor were frantically hitting the refresh button on our iPhones and clicking the reload button like crazy on the Twitter website. Mike Cuming of Rapha Condor JLT had made it into a ten man break that had enough of a gap over the peloton to put him in virtual yellow jersey. Would the gap stick, would Mike make it, would the break be caught? Every second counts.

A nervous few minutes later and then the tweet that we all wanted to see appeared. The Tour of Korea confirmed the new holder of the yellow jersey was Mike Cuming. Moments later Cycling iQ put the pictures online that we all wanted to see: Mike in yellow.

Here's what the young rider had to say:

"We wanted to get over the Cat 1 in a fairly decent position. The plan, really, was to wait until tomorrow's stage to try something if we had the legs. It just so happened that it was so hectic after that first category climb that our group got away. It got a gap and it went pretty perfectly really.

On the climb I was suffering like a pig to be honest. I got over it and my teammate Richard Handley had to wait for me and pace me back on, on the descent. That was sweet. We got the break established and everyone was riding pretty well in it apart from the odd person. It went really well. I dragged my body over the second climb and then rode all the way in to the finish.

With 10km to go Tom (Southam) came up in the car and said 'you're virtual yellow give it everything.' That's what I did. I'm pretty chuffed. I hope (to still lead after stage 7). That would be pretty cool if I was. We'll have to ride our luck a bit. We've only got three guys left in the race. Two pulled out. We'll see how it goes. We gave it a good shot today. We'll enjoy it."

In a bold move Rapha Condor JLT have sent a team made up of mostly under 23 riders. The aim is to support and provide a platform for talented young riders to find their feet and reach their potential.

Follow the final two stages of the race via the race Twitter and the team account.

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