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Five questions with Felix English

Felix English

Felix English is one of the under 23 development riders on the Rapha Condor JLT team. Riding his second season with the Men in Black, he's come on leaps and bounds securing two national level criterium wins this year and making the selection for the Tour of Britain team.

With more selfies on his Instagram than Justin Bieber, we asked him five random questions ahead of this year's race.

What is your longest skid? Probably this year in France, Stage 1 in Tour de Loir et Cher - crashes everywhere! Within the first 10km we were flying along at about 60km/h and I looked up to see a pile of bikes and bodies on the road. To make it worse it was lashing! Cue grabbing both breaks as hard as possible and double wheel skidding about 50m before performing a perfect face dive.

What punctuation mark best describes you? Definitely a '?' - I ask a lot of questions.

If you were a miniature person trapped in a salad bowl how would you escape? Jump on the sultana, climb onto the tomato, scale the lettuce and then jump to soft landing on the pre made mound of avocado.

Pasta or rice? Rice.

Would you rather fly or be invisible? Probably fly, would save me the £5 train ticket into Brighton.

    Felix English

    Last week Kristian House was on the stand answering our questions and next week we find out what makes U23 rider Luke Mellor tick.

    Follow the Rapha Condor JLT team during the Tour of Britain via the team website and Twitter.

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