O Canada! Calling Canadian Condor Owners

Condor advert 1960

We are looking for Canadian owners of Condor bicycles or anyone based in Canada who has previously requested a Condor catalogue or information about purchasing a bike from us.

If you bought a Condor some years ago but you no longer own it, we'd still like to hear from you!

We are also offering a handsome reward; not financial, but a little gift for anyone who takes the time to get in touch.

If you have images of your bike or the original catalogue then all the better, but it isn't vital. Just tell us roughly when you owned it, where you are based, and how you ordered the bike.

How to get in touch

Use the contact form on our website or email customer.service@condorcycles.com.

Why are we searching for Canadian Condor owners?

We are trying to plot the history and spread of Condor bikes throughout the world; what year and what bikes were of most interest. Each Condor bicycle is individually stamped and marked and we'd like to find out where they have ended up.

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